Vermont Department Store CONVERTED Into High School

Vermont Department Store CONVERTED Into High School

Old Supermarket in Vermont CONVERTED Into High School
Photo: AP

Authorities in Vermont have completely transformed a Macy’s department store into a high school.

According to news agency Associated Press, the area has white tile floors and escalators whisking them to and from classes.

The discovery of toxic industrial chemicals led to the closure of Downtown Burlington High School 2 miles away.

School officials then looked for space where students could attend school in-person and found the department store.

Superintendent Tom Flanagan said they eventually decided to immediately talk with architects and learned the possibility.

The building underwent a $3.5 million retrofit that added partial walls for classrooms while keeping some remnants.

Over in New York, three transportation workers have converted a storeroom beneath the Grand Central Station into a “man-cave.”

According to various news reports, the room has a flat-screen television, refrigerator, microwave and futon couch.

A carpenter, an electrician and a wireman allegedly hung out in the room, drinking, eating snacks, and partying.

The room was through a locked door for the exclusive use of the MTA locksmiths.

The three then put a sign on the interior door saying “Foreman’s Office.” It seemed only the three men had keys for the man cave.

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