Video Shows Police Officer Chasing Down Loose CAMEL

Video Shows Police Officer Chasing Down Loose CAMEL

Photo: UPI

Police officers in Oklahoma, United States recently chased down an escaped camel.

According to news agency United Press International, they shared a video of the unusual chase on Facebook.

The Owasso Police Department officers responded to help Collinsville Police Department officers and Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office deputies.

Joining forces, they chased down a camel running loose in the residential area.

The video shows officers using flashlights to keep track of the humped animal while chasing it on foot.

Police eventually wrangled the animal to safety and returned it to the custody of its owner.

Meanwhile, an animal control officer in Colorado ended up in an unusual slow-speed chase to capture a loose wallaby.

According to various news reports online, a member of the public spotted the wallaby.

The Montrose County Sheriff’s Office immediately deployed Animal Control Sgt. Chuck Searcy.

Searcy and the owner ended up in a slow-speed chase with the Australian marsupial for about 45 minutes.

The animal, however, ended up turning around and heading home on its own eventually.

“It ran down right when it got to the driveway, took a left turn, and headed home,” Searcy said.

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