Village Changes Name to ‘FUGGING’ Due to Unwanted Attention

Village Changes Name to ‘FUGGING’ Due to Unwanted Attention

Photo: Getty Images

A small Austrian village called F-king has had enough of being joked about its name and decided to take action.

According to television channel Fox News, residents have voted to change its name to Fugging.

“[W]e’ve had enough media frenzy about this in the past,” said Andrea Holzner, the mayor of the municipality where the village is located.

People have been stopping to take photos of themselves by village signs and posting them on social media.

Some have even tried stealing F-king name signs, forcing the council to then use anti-theft concrete.

The village’s name has also inspired a movie called “Bad F-king” and a brand of lager called “F-king Hell.”

There are about 100 people in the village, 350 km west of Vienna, who will be living in the newly named town from Jan. 1, 2021.

Over in Canada, Hell’s Basement brewery apologized for naming one of its beers after a Maori word that means pubic hair.

According to various reports online, the brewery recently launched a pale ale called “Huruhuru.”

At first, the company believed it meant “feather” as the brewery wanted to show their beer “light as a feather.”

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