Warning to Handsome Men Regarding Your Career

Warning to Handsome Men Regarding Your Career

Heads up! This article is a warning for all handsome men out there. We wanted to tell you that you’re your career might get affected because of your looks. If you don’t believe us, we have a study to prove it.

Being handsome men might affect your career

According to the researchers, men who are too handsome might have a disadvantage in their careers.

This may look weird and surprising to you, but that’s what the research says. Well, one person can’t have it all says the not so handsome guy.

Kidding aside, the study shows that men with dashing looks are a threat by their male superiors. Therefore, it turns out to be less likely for handsome men to get major roles in their jobs.

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These men won’t be able to display their skills and talents just because their bosses are threatened by their looks.

The research is conducted by professionals from the University College London’s School of Management and the University of Maryland in the United States.

Their study discovered that men who need men employees have criteria based on the candidate’s appeal and the type of job.


Usually, men who are not that handsome are likely to get hired just because they are threatened.

Interestingly, beautiful women do not encounter the same problem because good looks aren’t reflected as “competence among female stereotypes,” based on the report of Daily Mail.

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Again, if you are too handsome, please be careful with your bosses. You might already be a threat to them. If possible, become a friend to your superiors to secure your career.

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