Wild BEAR Opens Door, Climbs Inside Vacant Vehicle

Wild BEAR Opens Door, Climbs Inside Vacant Vehicle

Photo: United Press International

A black bear wandered up to an unoccupied car in Indiana, opened its door and climbed inside.

According to United Press International, the car belonged to The Franczak family who was celebrating a grandmother’s birthday.

The incident involving a bear walking up the driveway of their vacation home left the family shocked.

“I just screamed, ‘Oh my God! The bear is here! The bear is in the driveway,'” the mother said.

The family captured video as the bear opened a back door of the vehicle and climbed inside.

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency has advised residents and visitors keep vehicle doors locked at all times.

In Georgia, a goat clambered into a police patrol car then chewed up some paperwork and knocked an officer to the ground.

In a footage, the deputy begins to walk toward her car before she sees the goat through the window eating paper.

She swings the passenger door open and attempts to scare it off by waving her arm around.

The cop, who had left her driver’s door open, then walks around to grab the goat who continues to keenly eat through the files.

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