Wild SHEEP Escapes From Puerto Rico’s Largest Zoo

Wild SHEEP Escapes From Puerto Rico’s Largest Zoo

Photo: UPI

An aoudad or a large wild sheep has escaped from Puerto Rico’s largest zoo, officials confirmed.

According to news agency United Press International, people are keeping their eye out for the animal.

The Dr. Juan A. Rivero Zoo said the aoudad escaped through a hole in a fence and has since been repeatedly spotted wandering.

Locals have nicknamed the animal Rayo Velaz, or “Fast Lightning,” due to his speedy running.

So far, no injuries have been reported from encounters with the wild sheep, except from a broken vehicle window.

Officials said the fences at the zoo feell into disrepair since the zoo closed in 2017 due to Hurricane Maria.

Meanwhile, police authorities in Germany have warned residents about up to 25 monkeys that escaped from their enclosure.

According to various news reports posted online, the Barbary macaque monkeys ran loose from Loffingen zoo.

Zookeepers have since launched several unsuccessful attempts to recapture the primates.

Initial investigation states that a construction work in progress at the zoo allowed the animals to escape.

Animal rescuers told police officers that the monkeys will likely flee than attempt to fight with them due to their nature.

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