Woman, 40, Beats Teen Who Called Her “AUNTIE”

Woman, 40, Beats Teen Who Called Her “AUNTIE”

Woman, 40, Beats Teen Who Called Her “AUNTIE”
Photo: Mashable

A middle-aged woman in India lost her cool when a teenage girl addressed her as “auntie” in early November this year.

According to The Times of India, the girl, 19, said “Excuse me, auntie” to a woman, 40, as she passed through a crowded market in Etah, India out of politeness.

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But instead of giving way, the woman lashed out and immediately slapped the teen. After which they argued that soon turned into a fight.

In a 38-second clip posted on Twitter, the two parties fighting each other, while a group of people gather around them. The incident happened in the evening of November 2 and went viral on the next day.

As of this writing, the video has over 3,600 likes and 1,000 retweets. 

Some of the commenters on Twitter were confused how the woman got angry when she got called an “auntie.”

“The word ‘auntie’ was once respectful. Now its use has become very dangerous,” one commenter said. “That poor girl was beaten up badly by three women, despite the fact that it’s clearly not her fault. What’s happening in this world?” the other user commented.

Woman, 40, Beats Teen Who Called Her “AUNTIE”
Photo: Next Shark

According to the police, the teenager called the woman “auntie.” After which she burst into an outrage and beat up the girl. Defending herself, the girl also fought back. A female police officer stepped in to break the scuffle.

Later on, both parties were brought in the nearest police station. They settled the issue among themselves and did not file any formal complaint.