Woman Discovers HUMAN HEART in Kitchen of New House

Woman Discovers HUMAN HEART in Kitchen of New House

Photo: The Daily Mirror

A woman discovered what appears to be a piece of a human heart inside her new kitchen.

According to tabloid newspaper The Daily Mirror, the jar contained an aortic valve in formaldehyde.

Kathryn Gaston shared her freaky find for a furniture competition and won a new sofa worth £849.99.

The human heart beat over 500 other weird entries, such as a witch decoy kit and a resuscitation dummy inside a suitcase.

Others included a food log from an old mental hospital from the 1920s and a rabbit skull.

Photo: The Daily Mirror

“We hope that a new sofa will help Kathryn create some nicer memories in her home,” said Dave Gillespie, ScS head of acquisition.

Meanwhile, another woman discovered a secret “creepy” room in her house just a few months after moving in.

According to various reports online, she was cleaning out a cabinet and noticed that it could be moved.

She took to video-sharing app TikTok to share her scary discovery just in time for the Halloween season.

In the footage, the homeowner shared that her family bought the property just a few months ago.

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