Woman Dresses Husband in 35 SHIRTS for World Record

Woman Dresses Husband in 35 SHIRTS for World Record

Photo: Guinness World Records

A couple from Idaho, United States has teamed up to break an unusual Guinness World Record.

According to news agency United Press International, the wife helped the husband don 35 T-shirts in one minute.

David Rush said he and his wife, Jennifer, previously attempted the same record in summer 2020.

However, the Guinness disqualified the attempt due to a requirement that each shirt pulled to the waist all around the body.

In a video, Jennifer helps David pull on 35 T-shirts, enough to beat the previous record of 31 shirts.

In an interview, the man shared that having a helper turned out to be crucial for the last few shirts.

Recently, the same couple broke a Guinness World Record for the fastest time to arrange a chess set.

According to various news reports online, they recorded a total running time of 34.09 seconds.

That means David and his wife, Jennifer, have defeated the previous chess stint that stood at 36.7 seconds.

Guinness officials required them each to use only one hand while only one piece could be set at a time from at least 12 inches away.

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