Woman Finds Lost Lucky LOTTERY Ticket After Three Weeks

Woman Finds Lost Lucky LOTTERY Ticket After Three Weeks

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It took a woman from Missouri, United States three weeks to find her winning lottery ticket.

According to United Press International, Perle Erwin of Waynesville recognized the winning numbers of a $195,000 jackpot.

But unfortunately, she could not find her lucky lottery ticket as she realized that it was missing.

“The winning numbers looked familiar to me, so I went home to look for my ticket,” Erwin said in an interview.

After three weeks, the winner brought the recovered ticket to lottery headquarters to collect her $180,000 jackpot.

The lucky woman shared that she has played four sets of numbers in the Show Me Cash game for about 30 years.

But for the June 25 drawing, she decided to try something different and she ended victorious.

Another lucky bettor did not realize he won the lottery until he took a big stack of tickets over a month later.

According to various reports online, Stan Monkman he had won a lottery jackpot of more than $75,000.

Monkman bought a Lotto Max ticket with Extra from the 7-Eleven store in Ponoka in the month of August.

Recently, he ended up taking a big stack of unchecked tickets to a local store and then discovered the had won.

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