Woman Missing for Two Years Found Floating ALIVE at Sea

Woman Missing for Two Years Found Floating ALIVE at Sea

Photo: Facebook

Fishermen in Colombia found a woman who went missing two years ago.

According to media company NDTV, they spotted Angelica Gaitan floating around two kilometers away from the shore of Puerto Colombia.

At first, they thought Gaitan was a piece of driftwood until she raised her hand to signal for help.

She appeared exhausted while suffering from hypothermia after staying afloat for more than eight hours.

The victim’s backstory emerged after authorities brought her to a nearby hospital.

Gaitan said she decided to run away in 2018 after years of domestic abuse at the hands of her husband.

Photo: Facebook

“The abuse began during the first pregnancy. He beat me, he violently abused me,” she shared.

Gaitan said she did not want to continue with her life so she decided to jump into the sea.

“I wanted to end everything, I had no help from anywhere not even from my family, because this man kept me away from my social circle, she said.

Local media has tracked down Gaitan’s daughter, who said she did not know of her mother’s whereabouts for the last two years.

The girl and her sister are now raising money to bring their mother to the capital Bogota, where they can take care of her.

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