Woman Mocked for Buying WEDDING DRESS before Getting Engaged

Woman Mocked for Buying WEDDING DRESS before Getting Engaged

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A number of netizens mercilessly mocked a wannabe bride on social media. The woman shared on Facebook that she bought a wedding dress ahead of her engagement with her boyfriend.

Mirror reported that the aspiring bride explained that her partner had surprised her with a gorgeous promise ring out of the blue. Excited by the idea of getting married, she decided to buy herself her dream dress. The woman said it will be for their big day, whenever that may be.

The wannabe bride took to Facebook to share the happy news, expecting a positive reaction.

“Technically not engaged yet, but I have a promise ring. I wanted to go ahead and start the process,” said the caption of the post.

Alongside her message were four pictures of the stunning floor-length lacy dress with corset-style bustier and long trail.

Photo: Facebook

Shortly, a bunch of strangers online started criticizing the woman for jumping the gun.

“The dress is beautiful but you probably shouldn’t get ahead of yourself,” a user said. Another sarcastically added, “What a beautiful dress for someone who is not engaged.” Someone also accused her of being: “Bats*** crazy”.

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