Woman Receives Domino’s PIZZA with Metal NUTS and BOLTS as Toppings

Woman Receives Domino’s PIZZA with Metal NUTS and BOLTS as Toppings

Photo: Gemma Barton

An Englishwoman received pizza from a famous chain Dominos with metal nuts and bolts as toppings.

Gemma Barton from Lancashire, England, shared the pizza she ordered on her Facebook account.

“Absolutely horrified by what I found in my Dominos order the other night. Can’t believe I hate half of this,” Barton wrote in the post.

The woman also called out the pizza chain for not paying attention to safety and health. 

“Dominos do a quality check?! A full-on nut and bold baked in the pizza!” she added.

The Facebook photos showed the metallic objects camouflaging as pepperonis beneath the cheese.

Worried about other customer’s safety, the woman reminded the restaurant to check their food.

“Serious choking hazard and health and safety issue here,” Barton noted.

“Sort yours, Domino’s Pizza.”

Barton also reminded the people to check their orders carefully. 

“I’d hate if I or anyone ingested these.”

“[Be] careful when ordering from Domino’s Pizza at the Thronton-Cleveleys branch on Fleetwood Road North.”

Barton also reminded everyone to share the incident as it may save someone else’s life. 

Domino issued a statement that apologized to the woman.

“We swiftly offered Ms. Barton a full refund which she accepted at the time,” the restaurant wrote.

“We have reminded our store team of the correct process to avoid any future issues of this nature.”

The viral post made it to Twitter, where people reacted to the news.

One user even quoted, “and they thought pineapple was bad.”

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