Woman Takes Sick SWAN on Subway Ride to Wildlife Center

Woman Takes Sick SWAN on Subway Ride to Wildlife Center

Photo: NBC

A swan, named Bae, has ended up in a clinic, thanks to some good Samaritans and even a ride on the subway.

According to United Press International, Ariel Cordova found it in Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge.

Cordova-Rojas said she rode her bike to the refuge and decided to go for a walk to do some bird watching.

She quickly noticed that a swan she spotted sitting by itself near the shore was acting strangely.

“As I got closer, she stayed stationary. They’re usually aggressive and territorial,” said Cordova-Rojas.

Since she worked at the Wild Bird Fund on the Upper West Side for years, she knew exactly what to do.

The woman wrapped the 17-pound bird in her jacket and carried the fowl for about a mile.

A couple walking through the refuge offered to drive her to the nearest subway station.

Cordova-Rojas ended up riding the subway with the sick swan on the seat next to her.

Meanwhile, a turkey crashed through a window then barricaded itself inside the bathroom of residential home.

According to reports, the owner heard a window breaking followed by the sound of the apparent culprit.

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