Woman Walks Away from DEATH Seconds before Accident

Woman Walks Away from DEATH Seconds before Accident

Photo: The Daily Mirror

A woman, in a miraculous incident, cheated death as a car smashed into the exact spot where she was standing seconds before.

According to tabloid newspaper The Daily Mirror, a CCTV from a nearby store captured the terrifying moment.

The video shows the lucky woman, identified as Karyn Johnson, standing at a bus stop in the northern suburbs of Sydney. She then puts her shopping bag down, turns and walks away from it.

It was a split second decision which saved her life.

Suddenly, just three-seconds later, an out of control car smashes into the bus stop. It knocks over her groceries and leaves them completely smashed all over the ground.

Photo: The Daily Mirror

Johnson said she did not know what urged her to move in the brief moment before the crash. Nevertheless, she herself cannot believe what a close call it was.

“That’s one of the bizarre things, watching it back, just to see… how close it was,” she said.

Store owner Gehad Tuameh posted the clip of the near-death experience on the Facebook page of his business.

He wrote: “What I witnessed today is something that I won’t forget for a long time. This is one lucky lady.”

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