Woman Wears WEDDING DRESS at Sister-in-Law’s Wedding

Woman Wears WEDDING DRESS at Sister-in-Law’s Wedding

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A bride had a meltdown when she saw her sister-in-law wearing a wedding dress too in the ceremony.

According to tabloid newspaper The Daily Mirror, the wedding ruiner took to Reddit to seek advice.

When the woman got married four years ago, she had a tiny ceremony with only close family in attendance.

“The dress I wore wasn’t white, wasn’t a gown, and isn’t at all recognizable,” she explained on the post.

She asked users whether they thought she was in the wrong side but the majority of them in fact, support her.

One person said: “I assume your sister-in-law was at your wedding and would recognize your wedding dress.

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“Since it’s a non traditional dress, I totally get why you wanted to wear it,” someone added.

Meanwhile, a dress that another woman ordered online has ruined her much-awaited wedding event.

Various reports stated that Meaghan Taylor found a dreamy full-length gown on Wish for just over $70.

But her excitement quickly turned into disappointment once the garment arrived at her house.

Meaghan then discovered that it looked absolutely nothing like the photos on the site.

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