Woman Wins Lottery Jackpot TWICE in Two Weeks

Woman Wins Lottery Jackpot TWICE in Two Weeks

Photo: Idaho Lottery

A woman won $50,000 in scratch-off lottery just two weeks after collecting a $200,000 jackpot.

According to news agency United Press International, she bought the lucky tickets from the same store.

Candice Hare picked up a Blackjack Big Bingo scratch-off ticket from the Nomnom convenience store in Lewiston.

“I scratched the bar codes. Then I got one that said I needed to sign it and to claim it at the Lottery,” Hare recalled.

Hare scratched off the rest of the ticket and discovered she had won a $50,000 lottery jackpot.

Hare said she planned to treat herself to a shopping spree at Boise Towne Square before heading back home to Washington.

Meanwhile, a lottery player from Canada won two jackpots worth more than $80,000 in under two months.

According to various news reports online, she recently collected her second lottery jackpot.

Kerrie Crouch was shocked to discover her ticket for the Western 649 drawing have her $81,171.80 in under two months.

Crouch won the sum less than two months after winning the same amount from a Western Max drawing in December.

The lottery player said her first win went into home renovations, paying bills and sharing with her family.

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