Woman Wins LOTTERY Using Husband’s Numbers for 20 Years

Woman Wins LOTTERY Using Husband’s Numbers for 20 Years

Photo: The Lott

A woman won a lottery jackpot after using her late husband’s set of numbers every week for two decades.

According to United Press International, the prize the Australian citizen got amounted to over $700,000.

She shared she was initially confused when the clerk at a local store told her they could not pay her winnings.

“I just went to the newsagent to buy the paper and scanned my ticket, and they said they couldn’t pay it,” the woman explained.

She later on discovered that she had won a $737,030 jackpot using the numbers that were not originally hers.

“I reckon 20 odd years I’ve played them every week. I’ve always thought one day they’d win the big one,” the winner said.

Meanwhile, an Irish family is celebrating their unusual win in lottery amounting to nearly $6.4 million.

According to reports, they have been playing the lottery together for 25 years using the same numbers.

The father said he was glancing at a local store when he spotted some familiar numbers in the drawing announcement.

The man then decided to rush home and call a family meeting to inform his relatives they had won.

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