Woman With ‘Face Blindness’ Can’t Recognize Own FACE

Woman With ‘Face Blindness’ Can’t Recognize Own FACE

A 29-year-old Russian woman has revealed that she does not recognized faces, including her own.

According to online site Oddity Central, experts refer to the medical condition as prosopagnosia.

Even as a child, Lena Ash had problems recognizing faces but talking to her parents about it did not really help.

Not even the neurologists she went to for her headaches could figure out the cause of her health problems.

But recently she already figured out her condition when she sat down with Bright Side for an interview.

“When I look in my own mirror or at a photo of myself, I understand who is in front of me by the mole above the eyebrow,” Lena said.

The woman admitted that living with such medical condition is not easy.

“Some people consider me arrogant, because I do not greet them when we pass by each other on the street, but I just don’t recognize them,” she said.

According to experts, it has no cure and sufferers can only rely on a series of techniques to improve their memory.

“I wish doctors came up with a solution that at least stabilizes my condition, if not cure it,” Lena said.

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