Women in Japanese Town TOSS New Husbands Into Snow

Women in Japanese Town TOSS New Husbands Into Snow

Photo: YouTube

Women in the town of Tokamachi in Japan’s Niigata Prefecture toss their new husbands into the snow.

According to online site Mashable, the event takes place in the town every January 15.

Called Bridegroom Throwing, the festival aims to deepen new marriages as they ring in the Lunar New Year.

Newly-wed grooms are paraded through town and carried up a hill to the Matsunoyama Onsen.

Once they reach the snow hilltop, their companions toss them down the snowy hill all the way down to their wives.

That’s the time when the new couple receives a blessing from the priest and then groom lights a bonfire.

Over in another town in Japan, Giant life-size dolls or scarecrows have replaced human residents.

“Children” and “teachers” fill local schools while “locals” hang out in bus stops or front porches.

Other highlights include dolls dancing together at a party, as well as workmen wearing hard hats.

Dubbed the “Cursed Village,” Nagoro has approximately 350 life-size scarecrows.

They, in fact, outnumber their fellow human residents in the town by ten to one.

But according to various reports online, the life-size dolls do not intend to be scary.

Crafts hobbyist Tsukimi Ayano, known as the “Scarecrow Mother,” made them to make the town feel busier.

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