World’s Loneliest ELEPHANT Finds Company in Cambodia

World’s Loneliest ELEPHANT Finds Company in Cambodia

Photo: Google Images

Pakistan’s lonely elephant Kaavan has finally arrived in Cambodia to start a new life at a local sanctuary.

According to news agency Reuters, Kaavan will now be in the company of fellow pachyderms after being alone at a zoo for years.

American singer Cher was on the tarmac at the airport of Cambodia’s second-biggest city Siem Reap to greet the elephant.

Cher has campaigned for the transfer of the animal for years, together with animal rescue organisation Four Paws.

The group said Kaavan had another 90-minute drive ahead so he would be released in daylight on Tuesday.

Prior to his transfer, zoo officials in Pakistan organized a farewell party for the 35-year-old elephant.

Well-wishers gathered at Islamabad Zoo with balloons and signs saying, “Farewell Kaavan, we will miss you.”

Children posed for photos and musicians performed in front of the enclosure, with the elephant at one point serenaded.

Kaavan has been living in the Marghazar Zoo in Islamabad for over 35 years. He has been alone since his partner died in 2012.

In May, a court in the country ruled that authorities should set free or transfer all animals at Islamabad’s zoo.

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